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Music for Masterplanning

is about place, people and music

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music for masterplanning newham
About the project
music for masterplanning newham
 About the project 

Music for Masterplanning is about
place, people and music


In 2010 the authorities of Newham and London co-produced the 3min promotional movie ‘London’s Regeneration Supernova’ to be screened at the Shanghai World Expo. It was aimed at leading Asian investors and described large areas of the Borough as an 'Arc of Opportunity’. The offer it made was to: ‘Come and take your place in the future of London’ as it is ‘moving East’.


But how do those living within the ‘Arc of Opportunity’ would read this story and why does it matter? What does it mean for their lives to be part of the ‘Regeneration Supernova’ package as its effects unfold?


In 2016, Music for Masterplanning will research, collect and record a compilation of soundtracks for the ‘London’s Regeneration Supernova’ movie, all produced within the boundaries of Newham’s Arc of Opportunity: Music for Masterplanning will be a collection of music made by those who live, work and play in the Arc of Opportunity.


Click on this map to see if you are one of them:


If you do and you are interested in contributing your musical ideas as the soundtrack of the ‘Regeneration Supernova’ get in touch.


Music for Masterplanning is about how places are turned into simple stories for packaged investment opportunities, how people living in those places relate to those stories and how music can tell different stories in different ways.


The tracks, together with a digital publication and a public event will map the space between a visual narrative of place tailored for a specific purpose and the distinct musical manifestations of those who actually inhabit that very place here and now.

music for masterplanning newham
About the Residency
 About the Residency 

Alberto Duman is the Leverhulme Trust 2016 Artist in Residence at University of East London (UEL) with the project Music for Masterplanning.


The residency is co-hosted by Anna Minton, author of Ground Control and Module Leader of the new Master Research course in Architecture: ‘London: Reading the Neoliberal City’ at UEL Docklands and Gordon Kerr, course leader of the BSc (Hons) Music Technology Degree at UEL Stratford and project partner of Radioactive, a Newham-based internet radio set up to promote inclusion, informal learning, employability and active citizenship

 Biography: Alberto Duman 


Alberto Duman is an artist, university lecturer and independent researcher.


His interdisciplinary work is located at the intersection between art practice and urban studies, operating across diverse media and collaborative partnerships, always concerned with social contexts and the role of art in the cultural production of urban space.


As a visiting lecturer he has taught at BA/MA level at Middlesex University, UCL, Goldsmiths College, UAL. 


Between 2012 and 2015 he published papers, articles and artworks in: ‘Art of Dissent: adventures in London’s Olympic State’, City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action’, the ‘UCL Urban Lab Pamphleteer’, ‘Architectural Review’ and the ‘Journal of Visual Arts Practice’ as well as publishing his own photographic books.


Since 2013 he led the Bartlett DPU London Summerlab whose focus this year was on London’s Royal Docks area. In 2014/2015 he has worked with the DIG Collective. Their work has been awarded by Artquest, written about by Iain Sinclair and was recently part of Real Estates umbrella event at Peer Gallery in Hoxton, London.


In June 2015 he contributed to the Radical Cities event at Tate Modern.

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music for masterplanning newham
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